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Gavin Mitchell


I started photography way back in 1982 with a Praktica MTL3 and rapidly moved up through the cameras until I settled on Minolta.

I was taking more and more windsurfing shots and I then moved into covering other extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiing kayaking wakeboarding and kitesurfing to name a few.


I progressed onto working with Superbike teams for their portfolios and carried out exhibition work to provide clients with images for their websites, flyers and promotional packs.

This was all done with film!!


I now use the phenomenal Canon EOS Digital System with 2 of the 1D Mk2N bodies with their 9 frames per second shooting speed and 2 of the 5d cameras with their amazing colour saturation, ideal for the different styles of photography that presents itself.


One of the 5ds is the mark 2 version with its Live View and High Definition Video facility.

I also carry a large selection of high speed Canon and Sigma Lenses.

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